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My newest obsession!

Last month or so, I made a trip to one of my favorite stores, Bath And Body Works. As I was browsing through their merchandise, I came across a sale on their Aromatherapy line. I fell in L O V E with their Lavender Vanilla Body Lotion, which is intended to calm feelings of stress to relax you before sleep. I LOVE lavender, so I was super excited to try this lotion & I was hooked! Not only did it feel moisturizing, it smelled great!

lavenderV (via) Lavender Vanilla Body Lotion 6.5 fl oz / 192 ML $13.00 

This weekend, I made another stop at B&BW & I picked up the pillow mist in the same scent!! As soon as I got home, I started spraying my whole bed; pillows, blankets, sheets, everything!! The only downfall I find to the spray, is that the scent doesn’t last that long. I find myself spraying it 2-3x before I fall asleep. I like the scent to be strong. However, I just noticed they also have a candle in this scent..I know what my next purchase is going to be!

lav van

 (via) Lavender Vanilla Pillow Mist 5.3 fl oz / 156 ML $10.00 

Do you own anything from the aromatherapy line? What’s your favorite scent at Bath & Body Works??




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