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My trip to Greece.

Awhile back, Devyn mentioned she wants to go to Greece & when I told her I went in October 2014, she told me to post pictures! Well, here I am! Haha. Greece was definitely #1 on my & my mother’s bucket list of destinations and I’m SO eternally grateful that my mother made our dream vacay come true. It was absolutely breathtaking, & the food is amazing! Everyone in Greece was super sweet & very welcoming. I definitely want to visit Greece again because it was a fabulous experience!


Athens was gorgeous! During the day, not much happens, but at night, the city comes to life! 


When in Greece, drink Greek beer! I loved Mykonos & the staff at the Myconian Ambassador were BEYOND sweet & helpful. They go out of their way to make sure you have the best stay possible.


Santorini was literally breathtaking. I woke up every day and looked on our balcony in pure astonishment at just how beautiful the island was. I mean, look at that view! We ate daily at a local restaurant (Bella Thira, delicious) & The food tray is the breakfast tray we were brought every morning. Again, the staff did all they could to make sure the stay was perfect. (OH & the bouquet..um..yeah, my mom accidentally booked a honey moon suite lmao! hey I didnt complain. Look at that private jacuzzi & cave bathroom!! )

Looking to book a trip? I highly recommend Key tours! That’s the company my mom booked our trip with and they were great! Every hotel knew who we were and how long we were staying. We had rides scheduled for pickups and drop offs at every location (when we were switching locations) and the ferry tickets to go from location to location was included in our package. They’re excellent!




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