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Underrated Youtubers: Alex Faction

I’m going to start a segment for my Rant Tuesdays called “Underrated” & I’m going to post on people I feel deserve wayyyy more acknowledgment for their talent whether they’re celebrities, youtubers, or just every day people! Let’s begin.

To start off this segment, I chose to write about a youtuber who I absolutely loooove.. Alex Faction! If you don’t know who Alex Faction is, here’s a quick intro on him & a picture of his face.

Alex Rivera

My name is Alex and I’m a professional Makeup Artist (MUA) living in Chicago. Here you will find my love for Special FX Makeup, Face and Body painting, and a few cameos of Beauty Makeup tutorials.

Just recently, I sent him a series of video snapchats telling him how aggravated I was that he didn’t have more subscribers. At the moment, he has over 96 thousand, but at the time, that wasn’t the case. He had over 60 thousand when I sent the rant, and I was truly annoyed as to why he didn’t have more. He’s amazing with SFX, makeup, & his alchy hauls are hysterical! Why does the subscriber count annoy me?? Because I once came across a Youtube channel of someone who literally had ONE video..but because they were young & had an accent, it had over a million subscribers. A MILLION. I wish I was joking, but that’s a true story. So of course, when I see someone as talented as him, with a TON of videos..who takes the time to film & edit, not have over a million is upsetting.

alex-645x643 12142616_956620167733163_616714151_n 4445fe4173885da2526bc87edc4c5fa1


You need to check out his channel, see a couple of his videos & then come back and tell me how right I am. Let’s help him get to 100K!!! He’s so close!! He’s currently doing 31 Days Of Halloween where he FILMS AND EDITS a video every single day in the month of October. Um, talk about dedication!!  OH & did I mention how he answers my snapchats all the time & he’s such a sweet heart ?!?!? I love him!

Here’s where you can contact him!

Youtube | Twitter | Facebook | InstagramWebsiteSnapchat: AlexFaction | FactionLash


PO Box # 448
1400 Patriot blvd
Glenview IL, 60026

Do you know Alex Faction?! Isn’t he the best ?! Tell me what you think in the comments below. xo




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Full review COMING SOON!!

I’m so excited about trying out these products, that I had to give you a little teaser to let you know what’s coming soon on WhatJulieSays!


Today was day one using these products and I’m ALREADY obsessed! I can’t wait to tell you more about it and let you know my full review soon. Get excited!! ;P

*Disclaimer: Even though these products were sent to me for review, all opinions posted on the products are 100% honest and based on my personal experience using the product. 



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My Foundation Collection

Another Monday means another blog post!! Welcome back 🙂

Today’s post is going to be on my foundation collection, but you already knew that based on the title, duhh. Right now, my collection is small, consisting of only 3 foundations.



(looks dark because it was swatched on the inner part of my arm)

  1. Maybelline Fit Me (Dewy+Smooth): I like this foundation, but I’m not in love with it. Sometimes, when I’m just playing around with my makeup, I feel like it can come off rather streaky. Also, when it sets and oxidizes a bit, I feel like the shade it off. But the formula for the most part is very light, and has nice coverage.
  2. L’oreal True Match Lumi: This right here is my jaaaam! I loooove this foundation. It looks good, gives a nice glow, and doesn’t cake up on my dry skin. If I had to recommend any drugstore foundation, it would definitely be this one. Very light, matches well, lasted me all day with this summer heat.
  3. L’oreal Infallible Pro-Matte: Another foundation I would recommend buying, the coverage is amazing! Definitely makes you look flawless! I was scared giving this a try, because it’s matte, and I have dry skin..but that didn’t matter! However, like the Maybelline one, I feel once it sets and oxidizes, it becomes a tad too dark. I tried to correct the “issue” by “baking” with translucent powders, and setting with a slightly lighter powder foundation. Always helps balance it out.

What are some of your favorite foundations?? Do you prefer drugstore or high-end?? Also, let me know which ones you recommend for normal-dry skin! 


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