Temporary Hiatus..

So, of course I wasn’t sure if I should address this, or simply begin posting again and act like nothing happened. I’m sorry I fell off the face of the earth for awhile! Life just went in fast forward and I just knew I couldn’t keep up with the blog during that period. First I served as a grand juror for a MONTH, then went back to work for a week, and the following week left to DR for another week. Now it’s already December and I’m just wondering how is time flying by so quickly!?

I have a couple tag posts coming up (tonight) & then hmm a special little post on something I’ve been working on with a few other fellow bloggers! Then of course jumping right into Holiday themed posts! Let’s hope I don’t fall off too much, and can keep up! Gotta work to keep this blog up & running and growing bigger and better than ever! Xo




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2 responses to “Temporary Hiatus..

  1. I barely got the idea that maybe we should’ve taken part in Blogmas in attempt to keep our blogs active lol oh well, maybe next year!

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