Thank you Pinterest!!

Pinterest is this magical little website that has LOADS of tips, tricks, recipes, and crafts all balled into one! It’s amazing. I use Pinterest for almost everything & I have no shame in that whatsoever. What’s amazing is that a lot of the pins on the site are uploaded from fellow bloggers! So you get to learn something new, while finding new blogs to follow as well!

One of the tricks I learned about 2 months ago from this awesome site is that by sprinkling cinnamon into hot oil before you fry something, it stops it from splattering all over the place! If you know me, you know I’m terrified of frying food because I hate the splattering. I tend to fry food while holding a HUGE, clear, pot holder as my shield. When I read about this trick, I knew I had to try it out.


Now I know what you’re thinking…WHAT? CINNAMON? NO WAY. Trust me. IT WORKS! I thought the same, until I decided to put it to the test. I can admit that, so far, I’ve only used it when frying eggs. It splatters, but not as heavily as it would without the cinnamon.The eggs don’t pick up the cinnamon flavor (side note: sometimes it does, depending if you accidentally get a little heavy handed when sprinkling) and even if it does, with a sprinkle of salt & pepper before or after cooking, the cinnamon flavor is masked.

I’m going to use this trick when I fry things such as meats and other things, and see if it works just as well. I don’t suggest doing this for deep frying, I don’t think it’ll work in that case. Use this trick simply for shallow frying.

Have you heard of this trick?? Let me know if you know any other tips for frying as well! xo




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2 responses to “Thank you Pinterest!!

  1. I’ve NEVER heard of this but that’s awesome! xx

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