Drink Review!

So the other day I went on a random outing with my friend Lisa, and we made our way into Whole Foods for some groceries. We had been talking about infused water and the benefits of different combinations etc etc, and we came across a shelf of infused waters next to the fruit! I had no idea Whole Foods sold infused waters, and I was impressed with the variety of flavors. I chose the most common combo of infused waters, Lemon/Mint/Cucumber and my friend got the Honeydew/Raspberry one.

infused water

& The verdict????? I hated it. LOL. Now, that doesn’t mean don’t go out and buy them, I totally think you should if you’re into this kind of thing, it just didn’t work for me. The mint was overwhelmingly strong. I couldn’t taste anything but mint. It tasted like liquid toothpaste, which is totally unenjoyable. I also don’t like mint in anything but gum for that matter, so to me, this can’t be fixed in any shape or form. However, if you’re a fan of mint, I think you would enjoy it! The one my friend had was delicious, which I should’ve known because I LOVE raspberry flavored anything.

I’d give this drink a 2/5. I really wasn’t a fan. I do love that they take the work out of making them for you by selling these in store! Next time I go, I’ll get the raspberry one, or any of the other flavors..just  NOT the mint!

Have you ever made infused waters before? What’s your favorite combination?? Let me know xo




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10 responses to “Drink Review!

  1. Fashionably Meek

    Lol!!! Liquid toothpaste cracked me up!


  2. I’d rather infuse my own water at home and save money! I like to add lemon, lime, and mint. Orange and other fruits are also good!


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