Dwindling friendships.

Today’s rant is on a topic I’ve written about before, Dwindling Friendships. I’m very big on keeping friendships alive. I have friends that I still talk to from elementary school, to highschool, to now college. If I consider you one of my friends, it’s for a reason. I enjoy your company and your humor, and assuming so, vice versa.  So imagine how annoyed I must get when I try to make plans with people, and they “forget” or are “so busy”. I just don’t like people who won’t make the effort to talk or hang out with me, especially when the people who don’t make the effort are people I actually try to hang out with constantly. I’m not going to be the only one keeping this friendship alive, it’s a team freaking effort and if you give up, let me know, so I can give up as well. It sucks too, cause it’s people I considered to be close friends.  I’m nobody’s backup friend, Don’t talk to me just because YOU’RE available now, but weren’t when I wrote you. It really sucks that people I thought I would be friends with for YEARS, I don’t even talk to anymore. We don’t have to talk daily, but dammit a text every now and then would be nice.

People don’t realize I can drop friends pretty easily. If you don’t want to associate with me, then I won’t associate with you. It’s really that simple. Yeah, at first it’ll suck, but eventually I’ll get over it. Trust me, I’ve done it plenty of times before.

Do you have any dwindling friendships? Let me know in the comments below xo



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2 responses to “Dwindling friendships.

  1. I have some dwindling friendships but I just learn to accept the fact that we’re adults and we have other things going on. If that friendship truly matters, we’ll find a way to hang out. And when we do, it’s like we never spent time apart. If we don’t talk or hang out again, then I know that person wasn’t meant to stay in my life.

    • Yeah, I have friends like that too..but these friendships I’m referring to are those where the people clearly just give up; make no efforts. I can’t stand that. The others I can work with, because I know everyone’s busy!

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