Pet peeves!

If you know me, you know I have a TON of pet peeves. It’s kind of to the point where if I say, “ugh that irks me” people reply, “WHAT DOESN’T?!” Haha! I’m not sure why so many things drive me insane, but they do and there’s nothing I can do to stop that. Here are my top 2:

1. Chewing loudly and/or Making mouth noises when eating/drinking

OH MY GOSH. People who know me personally know that this is my NUMBER ONE PET PEEVE. I literally CRINGE when I hear people chewing loudly. I literally can’t be near people who make mouth noises when consuming anything. Hearing your food/gum/candy, whatever, swirl in your saliva while you’re eating just makes me lose all focus. I tell all my friends to close their mouths when they’re next to me because I literally can NOT deal with it. LOL.

2. Repetitive noises

Another thing that drives me insane is any clicking/tapping noises! Oh my goodness. This is probably my weirdest pet peeve, because I don’t get why it annoys me, but it does. When I was in school, I HATED when people would sit there and click their pen 20x in a row, for NO REASON.. Or when people tap a pen/pencil/anything on a table or wall over and over. One time in high school, my friend was clicking her pen, and I told her I wanted to use it, and instead I removed the spring. LMAO. I’m horrible, I know, but I just couldn’t deal! Luckily, she has a sense of humor and didn’t get annoyed with me doing that! When my mom talks, she uses her hands (as most latina women do haha) and every time her hand slaps her leg while she talks, makes me go crazy; That tap every other word just…..makes me lose my mind! I can’t explain it LMAO.

What are some of your pet peeves? Leave a comment below xo




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2 responses to “Pet peeves!

  1. OMG girl! I cannot stand slow walkers or drivers. I also can’t stand people who ALWAYS have something to say in class. Sometimes I think those people just like to hear their own voices.

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