The right tools make the magic happen.

People always tell me, HOW DO YOU DO YOUR MAKEUP SO WELL? Well, besides the fact that I literally used to practice my makeup at night, daily, I invest in the proper “tools” to execute my makeup looks. I have brushes from various brands and boyyyy trust me, having the right brush makes ALL the difference.


These are my semi-new brushes from Morphe. (Semi-New because I got them in July and have used them loads of times since.)

  • That flat contour brush is AMAZING!! It gives you the sharpest contour ever and you don’t have to go broke buying it as you would with the Nars ITA brush.
  • The buffing brush next to is, omg. . my new favorite foundation brush. Not only is it incredibly soft, it blends your foundation perfectly!
  • The two eye blending brushes ever! The makeup looks I’ve created since I’ve gotten these brushes have bee my absolute favorites, and I think it’s because it cuts down on the blending time, because they work sooooo well!

& the eyeliner brush + gel liner we’ll leave for another post 😉 

I got these brushes on SALE at Hautelook for under $40 total. I was super excited to see them up on the site, and even more excited to receive them in the mail. If you want to sign up for Hautelook so you don’t miss out on killer sales on various things such as home decor, beauty, clothing, and shoes..sign up here! Xo




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4 responses to “The right tools make the magic happen.

  1. OMG I’m drooling over your brush set! I’m still looking for a good contour brush.

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