Shrimp Spring Rolls!

Hey guys! This week I was more prepared than ever for my Tasty Thursday post! I took my pictures in advance, which I staged of course, & edited, and have been waiting to upload all week!! The day is finally here lol!

Here’s how to make super simple shrimp spring rolls.  First, take your thawed, deveined & peeled shrimp and add it to a pan with the following ingredients.


Season your shrimp. You don’t want to overdo the seasoning, because you don’t want the flavors of the roll all to overwhelm each other. So keep it pretty basic.


Once the shrimp is done, cool them prior to slicing them. I sliced mine in half because I didn’t realize I bought jumbo shrimp. So if you’re not using jumbo shrimp, don’t worry about slicing them.  Now onto the wrap ingredients.


Feel free to fill yours with whatever you like, this is just some of the ingredients I had on hand. (Also, because I’m still a newbie blogger, I forgot to take a picture of the spring roll wrappers that I used sorry!)

Moisten the wrap to make them pliable. Lay it on a flat surface. Add your shrimp, then a little of each other ingredient. Pull over the top of the wrap, tuck in the corners and rolll (like a burrito!)




Tada! They’re not perfect, because those wraps are super hard to work with haha, so they kept ripping! However, they were super refreshing and delicious!! If you have any recommendations on other things I should wrap into a spring roll let me know! These were super fun to make. & If you try this at home, leave me a comment below!




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2 responses to “Shrimp Spring Rolls!

  1. I love this tutorial! You did a really good job. It’s funny because a few weeks ago, my friend was complaining about white people trying to do spring roll tutorials on YouTube and totally doing it wrong. xx

    • Haha! Thank you so much! I tried my hardest! LOL, It’s hard to make something that’s out of your comfort zone, but as long as you try..that’s all that matters! I definitely tried, and in this case succeeded! Lucky try! ;P

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