Music Selection…

Alright, so being 23 years old, people like to give me crap for liking One Direction. I hate that just because they’re a boy band, people automatically assume they’re a bad group and that only fourteen year old girls can listen to their music. Why? If I like an artist, it shouldn’t be a problem how old I am. No one told YOU to like them, I’m not FORCING you to like them, I’m simply a fan and it shouldn’t cause any stares or unwanted opinions from other people. About 80% of the people who claim they don’t like them, haven’t even listened to their songs. Give them a chance! Seriously. Don’t judge them based on the songs the radio plays, (except for Drag Me Down bc that one is great & i’m sure you’ll end up liking it!) As a 1D fan, even I get sick of What Makes You Beautiful, trust me..but they have 5 albums now. If you’re still basing your opinion on them off their FIRST album, you clearly are stuck in the past mama and need to move on. LOL.

Just..before you judge me for liking them, give them a freaking shot. Don’t put them down just because they’re a boy band. They’re really freaking talented, have you heard the pipes on these boys ?! OH & them being really attractive is a nice bonus 😉 … & before you say anything about my age and One Direction remember that one of the band members was born in ’91, which makes him older than me and the rest of the boys are over 21 now which means I can legally meet all of them at the bar if I wanted to, k thank you very much.

Also, they’re about to go on a MUCH NEEDED break (4 tours, 5 albums, 1 movie all in 5 years..nonstop)..and this break could mean the end (even though we’re all totalllyy hoping it’s not obvi) so, let me live. Let me enjoy them while I can lol.




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4 responses to “Music Selection…

  1. I’m 30 and I like One Direction. There was one afternoon (whilst vacationing in Singapore) when I listened to all 1D and TaySwift songs. My babe came from a meeting and he caught me listening to what most people would say “shallow mainstream music” and I froze. I didn’t know what to say. I wanted to explain but he sat beside me, hugged me and said, he loves me and my music, lolz. ✽‿✽ ❤︎ laineyloveslife

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