MG Haul!

MG Haul

Welcome to another Makeup Monday where we discuss things beauty related! So, let me just tell you how excited I was to receive this package! It was a total surprise, because my brother ordered it for me for my birthday. In the package I received, a z palette, MG’s starter shadow kit, summer fling blush & MG’s insomnia pigment. I’ve been eyeing them for AGES. Everyone on YT RAVES about them, and I always wanted to make a purchase, but for whatever reason I never did. I was so happy my brother got them for me, because now I see what the hype is all about.  These are the most pigmented eyeshadows/blush EVER!  & The pigment ?! GORGEOUS (& can i mention it’s a dupe for MAC’s Blue Brown Pigment)! If you thought about ordering, you NEED to like yesterday.  You will NOT be disappointed.


If you want swatches on these products, please leave a comment below and let me know and I can dedicate a post to it!!  


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