Recipe Review: Coffee Cake from A Bountiful Kitchen

I’m going to start a new segment for Tasty Thursdays called “Recipe Reviews.” In these posts, I’ll follow a recipe I found online, or wherever, and tell you my opinion on it, and whether or not it turned out well! I’ll rate the difficulty as hearts,  ♥ out of 5 & i’ll rate the recipe as a whole, out of 10.

Last night I attempted to make a ‘streusel coffee cake’! Full recipe found here. I found this recipe on Pinterest, and decided to test it out because I pretty much had all the ingredients in my pantry/fridge. I followed the recipe step-by-step so I won’t be posting instructions here. You can find those at A Bountiful Kitchen!



I didnt have brown sugar, so I made a maple sugar instead!coffeecake2

I also candied the walnuts before I chopped them. If you’d like a post on that, comment below!coffeecake3

  • Results:
  • Difficulty: ♥ → The instructions were super easy to follow!
  • Rating: 7/10 → The product itself was good, and the flavors were perfect, it did NOT come out as fluffy as I would’ve preferred. However, that’s my fault, because I substituted the milk since I did not have any and I believe that affected the cake. I will be trying this recipe again in weeks to come, hoping for a better outcome with the cake the second time around!



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