Unreliable people!

Ohhh, boy, today’s rant is on a topic that truly irks me! I can’t stand when people are flaky. If you don’t want to go along with your plans anymore, what’s so hard about telling the person in advance??? I know way too many people who like to schedule things with others, and then an hour before you’re about to head out, they text you saying they “can’t go.”



Oh no, honey, NO. You CAN go, you just DON’T want to anymore, and you know what I can’t do? Deal with your ridiculousness anymore 😂, so consider this the last time we make plans together.

I don’t have time for people’s drama. It’ll work out to the benefit of both you and your friend if you’re just honest from the beginning. And, if you thought about going, but then changed your mind, then tell them the night before, or hours in advance. Don’t be THAT friend, aka a douche.




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2 responses to “Unreliable people!

  1. Preach! I really hate when friends cancel plans at the last minute. If it’s a emergency I would understand but half the time it’s not. Plus it’s very inconsiderate esp when I could have been notified hours before.

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