Why would you do that?!

So, before anyone goes off, I know I’m late. Sorry people. I’m behind two days worth of posts, but with good reason!! First, I spontaneously went to see my boys, One Direction, again on Tuesday, this time in Philly. To get to Philly, from my neighborhood, takes about two hours…so you know I came back super late. “But you could’ve posted before you left…!” I know, but we got our tickets a little last minute and I was stressing over that all morning. So technically, I couldn’t. Then on Wednesday, I had PCD (fangirl lingo meaning post concert depression), realllll strong. I wanted to be back, on FLOOR, having the time of my life again. So, here I am, writing posts NOW. Sorry.

However, going to the concert gave me good material for today’s post: fans who don’t think. Towards the end of the concert, Harry was walking across the stage, (and I was recording as this happened) and a fan THREW A CAN OF REDBULL AND HIT HIM SQUARE IN THE FACE..as you can see here.Β I was LIVID. What makes you think throwing a damn CAN on stage would be a good idea?!?!?! I mean, people throw things all the time…which they shouldnt..but normally it’s like a hat, or a costume, something SOFT, things they want the boys to put on. BUT A FREAKING CAN? THAT’S JUST ABSURD. His mom even tweeted how angry she was, as you can see in the link above. You know you went overboard when a parent gets involved. I just don’t understand how people don’t have common sense. The girl apparently was apologetic via social media, and just wanted attention, but she was right near the catwalk, she didn’t have to throw anything for attention, especially since he stood right in front of our section for some songs! I’m just hoping this girl learned her lesson from all this. You’re hurting the celebs when you throw things on stage..so have some respect for other people before you do such a thing!

If you’d like to hear my review on my floor seats (first time everr!) / concert, let me know πŸ™‚




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  1. Reblogged this on Passionate About Music and commented:
    I would love to hear your review of the concert! Never got a chance to be on the floor 😦

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