Homemade Pancakes!

This is the second time I’ve used Hilah Cooking‘s pancake recipe, and the second time I’ve been happy with the end result! My neighbor’s and I decided to make a breakfast feast for brunch, and so it was time to revisit this recipe. With one batch of batter, we made 4 full size pancakes (using a 1/2 C measuring cup) which was more than enough for us. Want to make them yourself?! Here’s how:

  1. First, measure the wet and dry ingredients according to Hilah’s instructions, then stir in the wet ingredients, to the dry and mix well.

pancakes12. Add some butter to the pan and pour in your first 1/2 C scoop of batter.

3. I wanted blueberry pancakes, so once the batter began to firm up, I added a few blueberries.


(remember i told you i have a thing against dots..well yeah, this picture makes my skin crawl LOL)

4. When the batter is firm and the air bubbles have appeared, flip the pancake over!


5. & Voila! With another minute, your pancakes are complete. Now drench them in syrup & enjoy!


For measurements and ingredient list, be sure to check out Hilah’s page linked above!



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