Guys against makeup

Rant time!!! I love doing little rants to blow off some steam. It helps me laugh it off and dust off the situation because sometimes I take things a little too seriously, and that’s no fun. So today’s rant is on: Guys Against Makeup.



That’s exactly how I feel when I hear guys say they like girls who wear less makeup, or girls who wear none at all.



What makes you think that we wear it to please YOU? C’mon…I’m waiting. I’ve never once met a girl who said she put on makeup simply to impress/seduce guys. It’s just not how we roll fellas.It might help our self esteem to cover up some darkness, or hide a blemish or two..but that’s not that only reason we wear makeup. Makeup is an art. It’s a creative outlet that lets us create these amazing looks, to impress/inspire OURSELVES..NOT you. Don’t hate on it boo, just admire the art.




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2 responses to “Guys against makeup

  1. I think it’s stupid because most guys I know are more attracted to girls who cake their face. I don’t care what guys think. I wear as much makeup as I like because I feel good in it. xx

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