I’m back…..Again!

Hello people! It took me awhile to finally realize that running three blogs, all on different topics, was literally impossible. Okay, maybe it could’ve been done, maybe some people already do it, but for me, it just wasn’t happening.

I decided, however, to go back to my old schedule, on this blog. I will be closing whatjuliecooks.wordpress.com and whatjuliewears.wordpress.com & blogging here, with themed days, like i used to.

I’ve come back with a new logo, new footer, and hopefully a new mindset to blogging and I hope to kick into high gear! I need to get back in the swing of things! I genuinely do enjoy blogging, so therefore, I need to make it easier for myself and my readers and I’m ready to do that! This time, I’m serious. I know I’ve said that a couple times before, but those times were clearly all a lie. LOL. I’m back peeps!

Blogging schedule:

  • Makeup Mondays: Posts related to all things beauty; hair, makeup, skincare, etc!
  • Ranting Tuesdays: Everyone needs to blow off a little steam some days, and talk about some pet peeves and what not, so on Tuesdays, expect those posts from me. They’re never too negative, I swear. Lol
  • Tasty Thursdays: If you’ve followed me for awhile, you know this day…all about food baby! Whether its tips, tricks, experiments or actual recipes… you’ll find all that information on Thursdays!
  • Inspirational Sundays: I hope to post quotes, verses, lyrics on this day; anything that sticks out to me, or helps motivate me or others in any way.

Now that’s going to be the schedule for QUEUED posts. Meaning, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to post on any other day. You might find a random post from me on a Wednesday, or Friday, whenever. However, if you’d like to see SPECIFIC posts on CERTAIN days of the week, it will be those 4 days. You can ALWAYS expect a post those three days.

Looking forward to blogging again! Xo




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8 responses to “I’m back…..Again!

  1. Welcome back!! I also nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award to get back into writing 😉


  2. Sandra

    How come I’m not getting your notifications anymore?

  3. Sandra

    I think its different because I was looking for your cooking blogs to show Diamond and I couldn’t find them.

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